Portland Amateur Radio Club Info

Club Leadership

President – Dan Presley, N7CQR

Vice-President – Ken Milnes, AI7LF

Membership Secretary – Nick Appelmans, KI7PTT

Recording Secretary – Pete Rodabaugh, W7PR

Treasurer – Kathleen Kerns, KK6CN

1-Year Director – John Rollins, KD7BCY

3-Year Director – Wayne Splawn, WA7NE

3-Year Director – Michael Schilmoeller, AE7XP

You can email any of the above club leadership through board@w7lt.org


Promote, advance, and have fun with amateur radio in our community.


Provide a quality environment for our members and potential members that elevates interest and proficiency in the science and art of amateur radio.

Leverage technology to reach a wide audience and keep members connected to each other and the club.

Foster social aspects of the club through regular meetings, training activities, and organized events.


Strive for every member to get involved, get active, and get on the air.


Support the volunteers and agencies serving their communities by providing public service and emergency communications capabilities.


Core Values

Be inclusive of all people, regardless of age, gender, background, and ability. We will strive to support diversity, equity and inclusion.

Be friendly, humble, and curious whether you are learning or teaching.


At all times, have respect for our community, the club, and each other.

Ensure a club for the long-term that is educational, sustainable and financially sound.