PARC Repeaters & Frequencies

PARC Repeaters

The Portland Amateur Radio Club maintains and operates three repeater sites; Larch Mountain, WA, Mount Scott, Oregon and North Portland.  PARC repeaters are open to the ham community.

If you would like to schedule dedicated time on any PARC repeater, please email the club board.


Please consider donating to the PARC repeater fund or joining PARC as a member.  Donations and membership fees help keep these repeaters functioning and on the air.


Larch Mountain, WA

146.84 MHz (-0.6 Mhz)     W7LT

The club’s main repeater is located in the hills above Camas, WA.  The elevation is a little over 3000 feet, giving great coverage as far south as Eugene, west to Astoria, east to Hood River and north to Longview.



Mount Scott, Portland

147.18 MHz (+0.6 MHz)     W7LT
CTCSS = 103.5

146.94 MHz (-0.6 MHz)     W7LT

Located on Mount Scott and running a Yaesu System Fusion repeater in AMS mode to provide functionality to both analog and digital users.

Previously this was a dedicated digital mode 1200 baud packet repeater.